Elections 2021 (English)

Digitalizing our university

Digitalization has the potential to make our university life even more individual and selfdetermined. The corona pandemic has shown us both possibilities and limits of digital learning. We want to finally combine the best aspects from both worlds, digital teaching and personal contact. Therefore, we demand:

Streaming and recording of lectures so you can decide when and where to watch them
• In the summer semester 2021, as far as possible and with strict consideration of corona hygiene measures, face-to-face events should take place on a small scale
More IT and software training that goes beyond Excel and Word, and more specialist software made available through university licenses
Expansion of freely available online literature, especially such literature that was written by employees of the University of Bonn
Sockets at the seats in the lecture halls and stable WLAN also in the canteens
• The university must examine alternatives to Zoom that are safe in terms of data protection
Mandatory publication of teaching evaluations, as we had already requested in a successful Student Parliament motion
• In the future, it should be possible to hand in term papers in digital form only

More flexibility for our studies

We all learn and work in different ways and at different times. That is why we have to make studying at our university as flexible and individual as possible. We can achieve this with a few
practical measures:

Making exam cancellation on the exam day possible
More parking spaces and pumping stations for bicycles
24-hour open library and free access to unoccupied university rooms for studying and working
• Establishment of more student dormitories where there is empty space, for example, in Bad Godesberg
• Creation of workgroup rooms that can be reserved, so that undisturbed work is possible
• One Unicard for the student ID, the cafeteria card, the library card, and the copy card
Approval of private catering providers at the university so that catering is also provided outside the opening times of the canteens

Making our university more international

International students enrich our university life enormously because they bring new perspectives and often become good friends. Our university already has many very helpful programs and advice centers for international newcomers. Nevertheless, we could make university life even easier for them with a few simple measures, and we should use the
potential for intercultural exchange at our university much more. We therefore specifically demand:

Translations of all important texts in the university building and in the canteens into English. In addition, translation of the entire website of the Student Parliament and the AStA university handbook into English
Organizing more university events that specifically build on the experience of international students and allow them to get to know locals (e.g., a German-American forum on transatlantic relations in the department of politics)
Expansion of the university’s international cooperation, particularly in South America, Africa, Russia, and the Indian region

Protecting the freedom of teaching and research from outside influence

The global political situation is shifting, and our university will not remain unaffected. While states like Russia organize disinformation campaigns in their own interest, emerging powers like China actively pursue an international science policy. There were attempts of intimidation
organized by the Chinese regime against critical students, especially in Australia and the USA. At the University of Bonn, there is one of the Confucius Institutes financed by the Chinese state, which are suspected worldwide of conducting propaganda and espionage work. In such an environment, our university must show transparency and actively advocate
freedom of research and teaching. As one of the largest universities in Germany, we expect the University of Bonn to take a leadership role in protecting academic freedom from external influences in Germany. Even if scientific collaborations with countries like Russia and China are still important and enriching, protective measures must be taken at the same time. We therefore specifically demand:

• Disclosure of the cooperation agreement between the University of Bonn and the Confucius Institute in Bonn, as we had already requested in a successful Student Parliament motion
• Clearer statements from the university on activities by foreign powers that endanger academic freedom at the University of Bonn
• More events at the university that deal openly and in discussion with the students with the topic of science policy and freedom of teaching and research
• A scientifically based and independent monitoring of the attempted influence of foreign powers on teaching and research at the University of Bonn

AStA for all, not for extremists

The AStA offers many useful services and advice for students. At the same time, however, it has served far too often in recent years as a vehicle for extremist ideologies that do not advocate concrete improvements at our university but want to overthrow the system. We think: nobody should be forced to finance left-wing extremist and anti-democratic fantasies.
Therefore, we demand:

Reduction of the AStA fee to at least less than 10 €
• Immediately stop funding and cooperation with extremist groups; no propagation of extremist worldviews at AStA events
• Restriction of events that are strongly influenced by particular interests
Management of the AStA as paperless as possible
Expansion of meaningful offers, such as bonnFM, student loan advice, or university sports
• Resignation from the partly extremist „free association of student bodies“ (fzs)
Live stream of student parliament and general AStA meetings
• Redesign of the Student Parliament website to make it more user-friendly